Show your Halloween Spirit

Yes. A post about Halloween. By me. Shocking eh? Since I am probably one of the very few in Second Life who does not particularly like or even care about Halloween much.

Linden Lab announced in a blogpost by Xiola Linden, a call for photos depicting your Halloween Spirit. They will choose some of the photos that you can submit in their official Flickr group, to use in various marketing and advertising campaigns.
For all the details on sizes, format, hashtags and layout, please read this post by Xiola!

SL Halloween 2016

So while I am not a Halloween fan as such, I thought it was fun to create some pics and submit them. These will probably be my only contribution to Halloween – but it was nice to dress up and play with sets and props for a bit!

SL Halloween 2016 is coming....

If you need some excuse to make Halloween pics, or just need a reason to do a pic anyway….why not submit one for this project, who knows yours get picked and you get to be world famous in Second Life! And if not: at least you had some fun :)




One Comment Add yours

  1. neybahblog says:

    Lovely shots, I found the second one so dreamy and deep. Thanks!

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