Hunting Hollows

In the mood for some SL exploring, I ended up at Hunting Hollows. Yeah, it is a Halloween themed sim, but a pretty cool one for just wandering around – even when you are not into Halloween.
Upon landing you are offered a folder which contains a flashlight, handy…because the place is quite dark. Very dark.

Hunting Hollows - II

Of course it has creepy and spooky things, including a horror-clown which spits out colourful particles when you get close by. Perhaps to not relate to the real life horror-clowns?

Hunting Hollows - IV

Anyway, a nice place for taking pictures and play with other windlights than the region setting, and since I prefer my Second Life usually bright and sunny, I turned this dark and depressing woods into a lovely, summer-like picnic spot!

Hunting Hollows - III

SLURL: Hunting Hollows


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