It’s the season after all!

While I usually do not really blog items, I love to make an exception for this awesome prop with animations. It made me laugh out loud in real life when I tried it out, and since it has a really cool animation…I had to make a short video to show it – a picture would not do it justice.

Also it  illustrates the annual stress I have in real life, because I am indeed one of those persons who toss the light strings in the garage in January always thinking: “Oh it will be fine next Christmas!”. It never is, of course. And now, it happens in Second Life too….

‘RC Tanglemess Lights in white’ by Redd Colombia (they come in a pack with two versions: blinky and non-blinky) and you can get them at the Tannenbaum Event.


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  1. That is so funny, Cait. Good lucky with the RL untangling.

  2. I’m still LOL’ing IRL ! I may have to go back and get this. LOL Happy Holidays Cait :)

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