Not as good as my old pop-up book

In 1978, when I was a young, innocent,  Caity, I had my first crush. The object of my affection was Han Solo – later I learned this was Harrison Ford, but for me in those days he was Han Solo – and I was deeply in love with him. My grandfather bought me a pop-up book from Star Wars, after my Dad had sneaked me into the cinema to watch Star Wars together (I was officially just a few months too young) and with the pop-up book I relived and replayed the movie many, many times. And me kissing Han Solo of course.

Star Wars Untold Stories - I
@ Star Wars: Untold Stories

Why these memories? Well, currently there are two locations in Second Life completely dedicated to Star Wars! I’ve visited both and though they are completely different, they are both awesome and a must visit for all Han Solo lovers…errr…I mean: Star Wars fans!

Star Wars Untold Stories - II
@ Star wars: Untold Stories

The first set I visited was Star Wars: The Untold Stories. An epic set for a performance (which I sadly missed) on LEA. Colourful and filled with action!
The other one is Furillen, also amazing and very immersive. Furillen made me dig up my Padmé (Queen Amidala) avatar for some pics, though she may seem a bit out of place, but hey hooo…this is SL and I liked it!

Not as good as my pop-up book - A blogpost
@ Furillen

It wasn’t as good as my hours playing with the pop-up book, but it came close. Now I want a date with Han Solo. Or Indiana Jones, but that is for another blogpost!

Star Wars: The Untold Stories

And for some more randomness in sequence, here my all time favourite Star Wars soundtrack

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