L U N A – The story of Humankind

“The year is 2024 — a privately funded team of scientific experts, botanists, and astronauts has been assigned with the task of taking selected specimens from earth in an attempt to colonize the planet known to us only as – L U N A.

Luna is the last hope for the survival of the human race. We have no idea if this mission will be successful, but what is left of humankind hinges on the success of the colonization of this new planet.

Luna (by Elysion) - IV


Luna (by Elysion) - II

I am sorry to report, the mission has failed….I am the last surviving member of the – L U N A – team. I do not know if this information will reach anyone, even if it does, I doubt I will be alive, by the time anyone can reach me, I am dying.…First, we lost all communication, suddenly there was a eerie static that overtook our communication towers, and transmissions to the homebase. Next the mysterious sickness that took hold. Everyone fell ill….our supplies ran low…it was as if the planet fought every step of the colonization, as to say to us…you will not ruin another.

Luna (by Elysion) - III

…….should this message find anyone in the future…the – L U N A – diary will hold all the information and data we was able to collect and study…..We are sorry we failed you.”

Luna (by Elysion) - I

The story above is not written by me, hence the quotes, but is the story of L U N A as told in the notecard when visiting this beautiful and abandoned moon-base.

L U N A is created by Elysion Owners Syn and Luger Zane and this sim is accessible for Elysion members only.  Joining Elysion costs 975 L$, which may seem a lot but you do not only get access to L U N A but also the Elysion sim which is an wonderful place as well – not to mention their awesome (often themed) parties and events!

I’ve spent my saturdaynight on L U N A, there is so much to discover! Of course I could not resist and dressed up in a space-suit of sorts – as this seemed appropriate. But you can go there in your normal outfit as well, no worries..!

A must-visit and if you go and take pictures, don’t forget to submit them to the L U N A Flickr group and/or the Elysion Flickr group

What am I wearing?
> Lali’s Female Sci Fi Sexy Catsuit
> Lali’s Sci Fi Helmet

Luna (by Elysion) - V




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