Time for a new skyhome!

While I liked my skyhome as it was, I also felt the need to change it. Just because I can! I had been looking at all kinds of buildings the past month, but when my friend Huckleberry Hax showed me his latest creation, Dragonfly, I knew I found my new house!

The moment it was released and for sale on the MP I got it, and then decorating could start.
This building is a challenge, but a great one. I love the high ceilings and huge windows, and the incredible large space. Yet, all those features that made me buy this house, were also the big challenges: how to make it a real home with some cosy spots and give it a homely feel?

new home 2

Luckily the Dragonfly (32×32 m)  is modifiable, so (no offense Huck!) I started by changing the floor textures and the colour of the woodwork at the walls and stairs.

a new home - II

Because I did not want to pull up too many walls in this gorgeous space, but needed some to create different areas, I made them of glass brick walls.

new home 5

new home 8

Once all that was done, it took me over a week, I am now finally halfway decorating my new home in the sky! I still need to do the kitchen and am thinking about some other ideas around the office space, but the mainparts are done. For now!

new home 6

Building: HHax – Dragonfly
Floor textures: Studio Skye – Slate floor tiles
Glass brick textures: Studio Skye – Whitebox Glass brick

a glimpse of my new home


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