My ‘Belli Houseboat’

A few months ago, I think once they got released, I switched from my old Linden Home to a brandnew houseboat on the Bellisseria Continent. Just because I could!

While I usually live on my mainland parcel, which I own since 2011, it is nice to have a pied a terre somewhere else, if only because I like to decorate. Not that I consider myself a great Second Life home decorator, but for some reason it relaxes me to put all the stuff in a home and to see how much I can get in and around a home.

My Belli Houseboat - I a blogpost

Unfortunately this also often ends up with me wearing a sofa, some plants, rugs and in some case a kitchen! Anyway, after months of rezzing all kinds of items and furniture, taking it back, deleting some rare gacha items by accident (I cried) I think I am finally done and declare my ‘Belli Houseboat’ finished!

My Belli Houseboat - II  a blogpost

My Houseboat is the ‘Windlass’ type, which I like for the huge space and lack of inner walls. I was mainly thrilled I am able to keep my beloved sailboat docked, my “Dutchess” has a real home in the water now instead of sitting in my inventory. I plan to take her out for some sailing trips soon!

My Belli Houseboat - IV - a blogpost

You are welcome to visit my little Houseboat, the doors are always open, in case you are curious! Slurl: Caits Belli Houseboat

My Belli Houseboat - III  a blogpost


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  1. Sadie Hunter says:

    I usually end up wearing items too when I decorate or move things around. From the pictures, your houseboat is really cute and nicely decorated.

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