3 gorgeous places to get your autumn on!

Now summer is really over, my favourite season has arrived: Autumn! Being a September child, Autumn always brings back happy memories of  birthday parties, a new winter coat, hiking boots and comfort food such as pea-soup and stews!
And yeah, also the less joyful things as rain, wet socks, muddy floors and struggling to get to the weekly market on my bicycle.

Anyway, in SecondLife there is no real struggle with weather conditions, autumn is always gorgeous and stylish! At least, until the truckloads of pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs and bloody scenes arrive for Halloween – but that’s for a next blog post!

Today I visited three lovely sims that show autumn at its best, perfect for SL Photography and exploring!

Fleur – Netherlands (M) celebrates autumn with a touch of magic! Besides a wonderful landscape you will also discover some fantasy elements. Fairy rings, a magician and twinkling mushrooms. All around the place there are sweet spots where there are dance machines, for a romantic dance! The music stream plays a nice selection, making it a pretty and comfortable destination for everyone to enjoy!

Blog: 3 gorgeous places to get your autumn on! - I
Fleur Netherlands

Broken – FarronBroken – Farron (M), a place for anyone who lost someone they loved – as the land information says – but it is most certainly not a sad place. Well decorated in beautiful colours, a welcoming environment for taking pictures or just wander around!

Blog: 3 gorgeous places to get your autumn on! - II
Broken Farron

And last but not least I went to visit Authors Point (A). Great for panoramic views from the rocks or running around in the golden grass. Well or just sit there and enjoy the scenery!

Blog : 3 gorgeous places to get your autumn on! - III
Authors Point

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  1. Three gorgeous pictures Caitlin. You have captured what I love about this time of year, in Second life

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