Valium Sea

Vally Lavender opened her new sim Valium Sea to the public not long ago, and it is already one of my favourite locations to go to!

Designed and decorated by Jacky MacPherson, Valium Sea (M) is a coastal destination – with lots and lots of beautiful beaches and dunes. Very few buildings, which makes it a tranquil spot and perfect for photography if that is you thing!

Valium Sea - II - Blogpost

I love that it is not a tropical beach but it resembles the beaches we have here in The Netherlands.  Well except for the rocks, we don’t have those here. I’ve spent some evenings sitting at this gorgeous place and took so many pictures! The sim’s windlight setting is beautiful as it is, not too sunny and not too dark, so I didn’t even play around with my skies.

Valium Sea - III - Blogpost

Valium Sea is part of Valium Creek – a residential estate – and the public areas are open to all. If you wish to rezz props for photoshoots, you can join the Valium group. Group fee is L$ 495 and part of the group join fees are donated to The Nature Conservancy– membership allows you to rezz not only at Valium Sea but all the Valium Creeks sims as well as the Art in the Park at Broken Vessels.

Valium Sea - I - Blogpost


SLURL to Valium SeaSLURL to Valium Sea
Official Valium Creek Website
Valium Flickr group
The Nature Conservancy

And a song…to show you why it reminds me so much of the Dutch Beaches!


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  1. Vally Lavender says:

    Thank you Caitlin for your lovely review. I look forward to seeing you visit again♥

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