Okinawa Islands and Solar Sky by The SL Spoon

A few months ago I got Photoshop, mainly for RL reasons, and of course I have been playing around with Second Life photos as well – after following Adobe Tutorials for many hours! I doubt I will ever be a great ‘photoshopper’ but I admit it is fun!

I’ve also been exploring in SL a bit more lately, and the other night I ended up on Okinawa Islands (also known as Grauland), owned and landscaped by JimGarland.

Okinawa Island and Solar Sky -  A Blogpost - III

Okinawa Island is a oasis for those seeking peace and quiet, a beautiful location to just enjoy the elegant landscaping and spectacular wide views. Because: less is more is certainly true in this case. Not that it’s too simple, far from that! On the islands you will find lots of spots to sit, and in the two buildings ( a small, intimate spa/massage hut and a larger home) is room for relaxing or adult activities.

Okinawa Island and Solar Sky -  A Blogpost - II

I’ve enjoyed walking around and took lots of photos!

Which brings me to The SL Spoon’s Solar Sky!

The SL Spoon sells Photoshop overlays (actions) which you can use to enhance your Second Life images. This week they released the Solar Sky series, and since I felt confident enough about my (modest) Photoshop skills, I purchased them and tried them out on the photos I took on Okinawa Island.  The Solar Sky series are beautiful rainbows, soft glowing suns, sunrays etc, great to use on landscape photos!
So, this is new…a blogpost with Photoshopped images – something I have never done before. Be assured though, Okinawa Island is really beautiful and worth a visit and when you play with windlights it is absolutely possible to make awesome photos without processing!

Okinawa Island and Solar Sky -  A Blogpost - I

Links :

SLurl to Okinawa Islands
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The SL SPoon Solar Sky on Marketplace


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