Art for arts sake, no real purpose beyond that” says Hera (zee9.resident) in her notecard, telling about Underwhere. Hera’s latest sim, or art installation as you will, is very different than her previous cities. If you are expecting a new Drune or something Cyberpunk, you will be disappointed.

If you want to be amazed and get lost in the, slightly adult, version of Alice in Wonderland…you will most certainly not be disappointed.

Underwhere I - Blogpost

Find the rabbit hole and fall down to a wonderful world, with lots to see and explore. Hera explains in her notecard that for this place she has used bought items (but used a lot of her own textures and meshes as well) and created Underwhere in just one week.

Underwhere II -Blogpost

Build in a skybox, which is hard to believe when you wonder around, you have to be careful not to slip….there are no railings, so you will end up on ground level. If that happens, simply TP back to the landingpoint!

Though Underwhere is an Adult rated region, and some furniture may have adult animations in them, you are not allowed to have sex. Depending on Hera being online, it will be possible to rezz props for photo’s, but you can always IM Hera if you need to rezz anything, or have a request that requires more than rezzing prop for photography.

Underwhere III - Blogpost

Underwhere is breathtaking and well worth a visit. I suggest not to wait too long, one never knows when Hera’s art installations will disappear.

SLurl to Underwhere


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