SL17B : The Gift Boardwalk

Of all the amazing regions for Second Life’s 17th birthday, I wanted to highlight a rather unique one: The Gift Boardwalk!

Yeah, that’s right: a boardwalk filled with kiosks that are filled with gifts. Stuff for free. Lots of stuff! Poses, hair, clothing, name it. Oh and did I mention it is all for free?

Great for when you need some retail therapy, but you are on a budget. Or just because you like to fill your inventory with gifts! I am sure there are lots of items you did not know you absolutely need in your Second Life, so why not hop over and have a look!

SLurl to the Gift Boardwalk


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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    \o/ Free gifts are bestest gifts! \o/
    Anything usable or don’t I need to log in?

    1. I have not taken them all, but there are some really nice ones – like poses and hair, sofar! I will go back to check out some more for sure!

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