Our talk at Lab Gab and a BIG STÖMOL event next week!

This evening Huckleberry Hax and I were invited to Second Life’s Live Talkshow ‘Lab Gab’, to talk about STÖMOL with Strawberry Linden.

It was quite an experience, I had never been on a livestreamed talkshow before and I was super excited. Before we started Strawberry did a soundcheck and it appeared I was producing a nasty static noise. So I changed headsets, but alas..I was still noisy. To minimize my noise I had to mute my mic when not talking, which was fine. It did however mean I was unable to take some pictures or check the comments/questions on YouTube and Facebook myself, I wanted to do that out of curiosity. The fiddling with muting and unmuting did not give me the time to do anything else, but it worked so that was good!

It was a great experience and Strawberry had some really good questions. We could not believe the show took us an hour!

In Lab Gab we could (finally!) mention some great news!

When we had a short meeting the other day, with Strawberry and Brett Linden, Brett offered to make a bigger event out of the premiere of STÖMOL. He asked if we would like a big, live streamed screening of the movie – on 4 Linden owned regions, the Town Hall. We even got a preview of the location and well….how could we say no?!

The big live streaming event will take place on Friday 24th July, at 3PM SLT. More information and details to follow after the weekend on the official Second Life Blogs, website, destination guide and ofcourse Huckleberry and my blog!
Doing this on 4 regions allows a larger audience than we could do ourselves and we are looking forward to this movie-night.

Checking out the Town Hall region for the big screening, with Strawberry and Brett Linden

Of course the cast members will be present too, in their STÖMOL character outfits and there will be time for Q&A sessions before and/or after the movie.

Needless to say we are so happy and really appreciate the effort Linden Lab puts into this event for us, it is something we had not thought would be a possibility!

The actual premiere is Thursday 23 July and we will have a small, private premiere event inworld for the actors, the region owners and SL residents that have helped us in all kinds of ways as a way to thank them for their patience and willingness to help us.

So keep an eye on the Second Life blogs and website, Hucks blog and of course social media for updates and news!

Be sure to subscribe to Huck’s YouTube channel (and click the notification button) so you will get a message when STÖMOL is ready for you to watch!

We hope to see you on Friday 24th July – save the date!


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