STÖMOL, what a journey it was!

When Huck asked me to pose for a ‘short video clip he had in mind’, in February 2019, we could never have imagined it would turn out in a full feature-length movie complete with a private premiere, an interview in Second Life’s Live Talk-show ‘Lab Gab’ with Strawberry Linden, and interview in Eclipse Magazine ánd a huge Live Video Event facilitated by Linden Lab’s Brett, Strawberry and Patch Linden.

But here we are. And that has all happened. I am so happy for Huckleberry, and so proud of him to pull this off! So much work, dedication, persistence, patience and creativity. I am honoured he made me part of this really awesome and Second Life changing experience!

Looking back at the weekend, starting on Thursday with a private premiere in Huck’s ‘The Nancy Redgrave Building’ for the cast-member, region-owners and other amazing creators who helped us along the way and our friends. At the same time the movie premiered on Hamlet Au’s NewWorldNotes. A wonderful night and exciting to hear what they thought of STÖMOL. Good times!

Red Carpet moment!

Friday, the big Live Video Event in the 4 Townhall Regions was something we had never done before. We are grateful Linden Lab did this for us, and the outcome was super! Nearly 100 people watched the movie with the cast-members (Mich Michabo, Ylva, Anthony Wesburn and Boudicca Amat), Lindens and Moles and it was so much fun to read their comments in local chat – most of it very positive. A night to remember!

Patch Linden, setting up the Live Video Event

By now, as I write this blog-post, the movie has over 1.600 views on Huck’s YouTube Channel, since its publication on Friday 24th of July!

Reviews have been written as well by Inara Pey, Ricco Saenz, Susan de Cuir – thank you so much for that!
If I have missed a review, please let me know!

So now what…? It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, leading up to the premiere and now all is done and everyone can watch it, I may take a bit of a break from Second Life. Time to enjoy summer, though the weather here is currently typically Dutch miserable, and have some offline time.
Of course, I know myself, I will still be found inworld but not till the early mornings and probably not every day.

Thank you all for watching, leaving comments and reading my blogs about STÖMOL. I will soon return to my usual blogging of destinations and art installations – I know I have been slacking!

Two blogs by Huckleberry about ‘after STÖMOL’ you may want to check out:
A couple more STÖMOL things
And yes, there is STÖMOL Merch too, look here!

For now, have a great summer, and if you have not seen STÖMOL yet, I can’t help myself …here it is:


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  1. Boudicca says:

    Enjoy your well earned break!♥

  2. I have been meaning to tell you that I was awed by your production, Just brilliant. I hope it will get recognition outside of SL as well.

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