Back to the office

Once upon a time, before the year 2020, it was not unusual to have a day job that required you to leave your home and go to an office to work. Sounds crazy, right?
But it is true, working has not always been sitting in your sweatpants behind a laptop at the kitchen table, while you have your make-up bag ready next to the mousepad in case your coworker spontaneously decides ‘hey guys, let’s go on camera!’  during the Zoom call!

Yep, there was a time people got up at 7 AM, got showered and dressed up and left the house for work!

For those of you who have forgotten about this phenomenon called ‘office job’, or for those who remember it and miss it, there is a great place in Second Life where you can live the office-dream: Huckleberry Hax’s office in his Nancy Redgrave building!

Escape your laptop and tablet, with access to the whole world, on your kitchen table and travel back in time to the colourful 70s, when computers were only for important people and the rest of us was locked up in cubicles with piles of paperwork, pencils, typewriters and calculators!
And typical 70s micromanagers to check up on you every 35 minutes to see if you were not just sitting about or making a private phone call on company expenses.  Or worse, a boss expecting you to bring his suits to the drycleaners – in your lunchbreak.

Back to the office! - IV - A Blogpost Back to the office! -  II - A Blogpost

Huck’s office has the cubicles, the computer room, a mailroom and a coffee corner and of course, a reception desk at the entry where you can be the bored and arrogant receptionist for a total 70s working experience.

Oh, and smoking was totally normal in those office buildings back then, so no worries about that – just light up that cigarette when you sneak into the computer room for that extra, well deserved,  break.

Back to the office! - II -  A Blogpost

Spend a day in the office and you will never want to go back to working from home again!

Useful links:

Slurl to the Nancy Redgrave Building
Flickr group to add your photos (or look at what others did!)
Huckleberry’s blogpost about the office
Buy  the office cubicles  here on the Marketplace

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