A Desert Canyon and how I lost my shape

Last week when logging in I got a disturbing notification. My shape could not be located in inventory and I rezzed like a n00b in some default form. Not a pretty sight I can tell you!

Not panicked at that moment I cleared cache and logged back in into Second Life in an LL region, Pooley, and waited for my inventory to load. It took a while, which is normal, and then the notifications about my missing shape came in, every couple of minutes. Right, so that was annoying. I changed into a copy of my shape, only to discover I made this copy before I tweaked myself when I changed mesh head, so my body was the same as always, but my face not really.
At the same time I noticed that while I was wearing another shape, the copy, my original shape kept on giving errors while sitting in inventory. The weird thing was: according to my outfit I was wearing the copy and according to my inventory I was wearing the old one. And I could not change that.
Because I was tired, it had been a long week, I let it go for some evenings and finally on Friday I got annoyed enough and filed a ticket for technical support, category: inventory loss.

Desert Canyon - II

Over the weekend I tried to recreate my face and think I somewhat managed to look like my old self again. Tuesday, after the Easter weekend, I got a reply to my ticket informing me there was some corruption going on in my inventory and the Linden in charge of my ticket said they’d run some programs in the background to fix it. All I had to do was relog into Pooley, using the LL Viewer (my default viewer, so no problem there), and wait for my inventory to load. When logging in I indeed got the hopeful message ‘repairing inventory’ and after a minute or 10, all was there.
Except for my shape. Still broken. The disappointment was real.

As requested I replied to the ticket and sent some more screenshots and today I got the verdict. After another inspection, it turned out my shape is broken. Corrupted. Kaput. Done. Over and out.
Yeah, I have the copy, and yeah…I sort of managed to fix that one into myself, but still. Meh. I know I should just delete the old, broken one to stop the notifications, but I have not gotten myself to do that. It seems so…final?

Anyway. Things happen and while I am writing this I am sitting on the edge in a desert canyon. Don’t worry, I am not that desperate that I am going to throw myself from the rocks! Though it would be a dramatic idea to toss the broken shape into the canyon, right?

Desert Canyon, and how I lost my shape - Blogpost

This canyon is a tiny parcel on the mainland, in the sky, and open to everyone. A pretty cool little place, great for just sitting and taking pictures, or hang with friends. Or mourn your inventory loss.

For the pics in this blog I used my own EEP settings, which I happen to sell on the Marketplace!

Slurl to the Desert Canyon

My EEP store on the MP


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