Cloven Forest – Magical!

Over the past years I’ve seen my share of forests in Second Life, but for some reason I can’t get enough of them. Specially when they are beautifully landscaped and have a touch of magic!

Today I visited Cloven Forest, which is described in the land information as follows:

A quiet calm and stillness will comfort your soul as you wander beneath a canopy of trees and explore the spellbound forest at Cloven.

Also mentioned is the fact this Forest is for Adults only and it is Pagan friendly. Cloven Forest is delightful, I really loved the beaches with their rocks and pebbles, but also enjoyed wandering around through the trees and bushes.

Cloven Forest - I - blogpost

There are plenty of spots to sit and hangout, alone or with a date. The region is Adult rated, so be aware you may encounter other visitors engaging in adult activities. Long live the outdoors!

Cloven Forest - II - blogpost

If you are like me and love some magical places, but also appreciate nature, this is the place for you to visit. Take the time, there is lots to explore! Have fun!

Slurl to Cloven Forest

Cloven Forest - III - blogpost

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