Fantasy Faire 2021 – Fairelanders Masked Ball

One of the big social- and dance events on the Fantasy Faire in Second Life is the famous Fairelanders Masked Ball. To accommodate most of the timezones there are two balls, and I went to the one suited to Euro timezones, tonight!

The next one is Saturday, May 1: 6 – 8 PM SLT, at the bottom of the ocean in Paer Thura’s Ballroom.
If you missed tonight’s fun, you still have the opportunity to go next week!

For the 3rd time, I was asked to provide an image for the official Masked Ball poster. So, just like last year, I asked my bestie Huck to pose with me, which he did! Then Alia Baroque did his magic and created this poster, which you can find all over the Fairelands and on the official Fantasy Faire website. I am so pleased with how it turned out!

The Masked Ball tonight was in the ballroom of Paer Thura, the Arts and Entertainment region Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation, built by Lilia Artis, Silas Merlin and Haveit Neox.

It always so cool to see all the amazingly creative avatars dancing, everyone looking their best and having a good time. I always enjoy watching everyone and this year I managed to make a video, to give you a good idea of what I am talking about!

See you at the Fairelands!


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