Fantasy Faire 2021 – Featherfall

Did you know one of my hobbies and passions in real life is: knitting (and crochet) ?
You did not? Well, now you know! After a day of working and before I log into Second Life I find it super relaxing to do something that does not involve a keyboard and a monitor. So I knit. Scarfs, socks, sweaters, beachbags, shoppingbags…well you get the idea!

One of my real life knitting projects :)

When I was taking pics of the Fantasy Faire and landed in Featherfall, I could not believe my eyes! A knitted region. As in: all the stuff is knitted! The shops, the trees, the flowers, the ground…and well knitted too, if I may add! Builder Kayle Matzerath used some quality yarn to create this super cute town.

Even if you are not into knitting, Featherfall is a must-see. Though now I wonder, how can anyone NOT be into knitting?

Featherfall is sponsored by Abranimations, and as I mentioned it is built by Kayle Matzerath. Soft fluffiness, filled with cool shops to go spend your Lindens for a good cause: Relay for Life. And because you need the stuff!

Oh by the way, the awesome dress I am wearing in the cover image of this blogpost is by Belle Epoque and (of course) available at the Fantasy Faire, in the region Isles of Tarrin (which is the neighbouring region of Featherfall)

SLurl to Featherfall

Fantasy Faire - Featherfall - Blogpost

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