Last night’s breaking news!

Fantasy Faire

Yes, you read that right! BREAKING NEWS happened last night at the Literary Festival. Perhaps you already heard about it, but in case you didn’t do not forget: you read about it here first!

Saffia Widdershins interviewed Second Life Author and Machinimist Huckleberry Hax about his work, and his life as a purely digital identity as a writer and machinima maker. And we all know Saffia has a way of making people tell her all the things. And she did not disappoint!

Fantasy  Faire - Breaking News I - Blogpost!

Before we knew it Huckleberry spilled the tea, and announced he is working on a new feature-length movie, shot in Second Life. Whether it is a sequel or a prequel of Stomöl, or something completely different, is still a secret. But he told the audience that he already has some 40 minutes footage done. The movie will, as all goes to plan, be released in the summer…

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