Fantasy Faire 2021 – A’Dracunas

What awaits the curious visitor inside this gigantic nest. As you explore the myst hidden ground, popping sounds of hatching eggs fill the air. Does something slither around your ankles or is it your imagination? Is it friend or foe?

Fantasy Faire 2021 - A Dracunas III - Blogpost

A’Dracunas is (yet another) impressive Faireland at the Fantasy Faire! A land filled with gigantic dragon eggs, swamps with flying…things… and mysterious vegetation. A delight to wander around to explore while shopping!

I brought my own dragon, the poor thing has been sitting in my inventory for way too long and that got him a bit grumpy. Luckily he felt better once he saw the nest, though he was a bit miffed about the size and kept on whining why his egg was smaller. Oh well. I let him fly around for a bit and while he was chasing and scaring Fairefolk, I shot a short video.

A’Dracunas is sponsored by Dandelion Daydreams Factory
The regionbuilders are Luna Barak and Alrunia Ahn and it is a shopping region.

SLurl to A’Dracunas

Happy Faire!

Fantasy Faire 2021 - A Dracunas I - Blogpost

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