Dutchie is looking for bloggers!

Dutchie is looking for Bloggers and Vloggers – which includes Flickr-bloggers/photographers for our PG Furniture and home decor items. 

(note to be transparent: this application is not including our Adult items and houses)

Dutchie believes decorating your Second Life dream home isn’t just about filling space. It’s about the freedom to express your tastes and interests with every choice. Dutchie has been making some of the most immersive Second Life furniture since 2008, offering incredible ways to get lost in the fantasy so you can live your dreams.

Because Dutchie does not promise to release new items every month, we are looking for the following:

Home and decor bloggers who are capable of using Dutchie furniture and home-decor items in a way that reflects the style of our items, ideally with a written – actual – review of the item in the blog/photo description. 

Bloggers get to choose an item from our store on a regular basis (for instance monthly, bi-monthly or what suits you best) and feature that item prominently, within a month after receiving it, in their blog and pictures, with clear details about the item and links to our website catalogue (or event, if relevant). 

New releases will be available for bloggers and will have priority.

Bloggers/photographers will give Dutchie permission to use the images for posting on the Dutchie social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Instagram etc.).  Of course this will be done with the appropriate credits, mentioning and tagging of the photo-owner! 

Are you interested in blogging Dutchie furniture and home decor, then please send me a notecard Inworld (Caitlin.Tobias)  including links to your blog, vlog and Flickr. 

Applications close 15 september 2021.

Be sure to explore our mainstore and our website, before you send your application, so you get a good idea of Dutchie’s designs!

LM to the Dutchie Mainstore

Dutchie Design website

Dutchie on socialmedia:


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