There goes the neighbourhood!

This week I moved into a new Lindenhome, a brandnew Fantasy Home! Because I am an Elf after all, and it was about time I got myself a real Elf-worthy house.

My new home is situated on a lovely spot, next to a canal and a bridge, which gives it a sort of private feel. The house is not a house, but a mansion. My goodness! I choose the smallest house but it is still ridiculously large and I will probably not decorate 3 rooms. Actually I already have trouble decorating the one big space, but that’s because I went all in with the garden and don’t have many LI left for stuff in the ballroom..err…livingroom.

I am fine with that though, I always enjoy Second Life gardening more than filling up rooms. Of course I kept it to the Fantasy theme, which is something different than my other non-fantasy home and a lovely change of scenery.

So for now some pics of my garden, which is compared to all the neighbours empty yards around me perhaps a bit too much. But then again, one should always be too much!

So, no pics of the interior yet! But in a few weeks I might have figured out what to do to make it a more homely space. For now I will just enjoy my mushrooms, crystals and oversized lilies!


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