Stömol: Official trailer released

Originally posted on What the Huck?:
The official trailer for Stömol got its debut on New World Notes this week. Long-term SL commentator and author, Wagner James Au, described the movie there as “among the most ambitious Second Life-related projects I’ve seen in years.” If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below or…

‘Like no one is watching’

This weeks challenge by Strawberry Singh is all about my favourite pastime in Second Life: dancing! I love to dance in Second Life. Well in real life too, but I am afraid my moves aren’t that smooth in the real world. Never kept me from dancing anyway, though it is best kept private.

Rebeca Bashly’s Chronophobia

It has been a while since I tried to produce an SL machinima, but yesterday I felt in the mood and wanted to do a blogpost with a video. And what better topic than Rebeca Bashly’s art installation on Split Screen, ‘Chronophobia’. I always love Rebeca’s work and this piece is no exception, though it…