My ‘come back’, though I never left

What’s up with the title of this post, you might ask? Well, I have been on a blogging hiatus for a long time. But I never left Second Life. In fact, I have been quite active in that awesome virtual world!

The thing is, some 5 years ago I thought I needed glasses, which was true, but the optician found my sudden decrease in vision a bit too suspicious and told me to have my eyes checked by a specialist. So, I did and the diagnosis wasn’t just ‘hey, it’s your age, so it’s normal’ but a rather disheartening ‘hey, you have a cataract, and that is serious’.

Anyway, the cataract just sat there in my left eye for years, without really getting worse, so I thought it would take decades for it to be a problem.
Till one and a half years ago. In a couple of months, my world got blurry (RL and SL). I had trouble watching tv for longer than 30 minutes and found it difficult to take pics in Second Life. Driving my car when it was dark was just getting scary and headaches started. Also, I needed all my ‘eye energy’ for my day job and literally could not focus on Second Life pics in the evenings.
So after some months, and delays due to COVID (hospitals went on lockdown and only emergencies were allowed in) another visit to the Eye Hospital revealed that the vision in my left eye had gotten worse, to less than 10 %. Well, that explained a lot!

A new lens was needed, so I was put on the waiting list for cataract surgery. I waited 4 months and six weeks ago I had my surgery. A new lens and a whole new world for me to see and explore!

My vision is back to 100 %, but I still need reading glasses. I will get those next week. So the past weeks, post-op, I have been trying to take pics in SL again. And even though I do this without the needed glasses, I am already more confident!

Besides exploring in Second Life, what I kept on doing – even when half blind – I have also been busy acting for Huckleberry Hax’s new movie “WAARHEID”. Filming is done, the audio recordings are done too and Huck is now busy finalizing the last bits.

I can’t believe we have been working on it since August 2020….time flies when you’re having fun, right!
Fun fact: On 31 July 2020, Huck told me he wanted to do a sequel to STÖMOL I took a pic of us, while discussing this….846 days ago!

The inworld premiere is scheduled for 15 December and the movie will be on YouTube on 16 December. I am looking forward to it, and I hope you will too!



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  1. devawestland says:

    So glad everything went well and that you are baaaaaaaaaaaaack! ♥

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