My 15 seconds of fame?

With the premiere in sight, next week, things are about to get real.
Tomorrow, Friday 9th December, Huckleberry’s new movie WAARHEID will be featured on LabGab, the live chat show about events, news, and other interesting happenings in Second Life, hosted by the lovely Strawberry Linden.
Huckleberry, AvaJean Westland, and I are invited to talk about the movie. LabGab will be live at 10AM SLT! Click here to watch!

I am so excited! About the premiere of course, but also for LabGab! I’ve got my outfit sorted out. Well, and 4 outfits as a reserve, because you never know what will or will not rezz properly, right? 

Behind the Scenes: Where is the Director/cameraman?

There is more stuff planned concerning the release of Waarheid, so I took the liberty to copy some key dates from Huck’s blog:

Friday 9 December at 10am SLT – LabGab
Huck, AJ, and I will be going on a live episode of LabGab to talk with Strawberry about the movie.

Thursday 15 December – Inworld Premiere
You can find all the details about that already in the official LL blog!

Thursday 15 December (after the premiere) – Afterparty!
Once the inworld premiere is finished, we’ll be heading over to Satyr club for the after party! Thanks so much to Ylva and Amelie for making this possible. Huckleberry has rezzed the biggest bespoke set of the movie there for the party. Join us to celebrate! Landmark to follow.

Friday 16 December at 2pm SLT – YouTube premiere

Huck will be releasing the movie on YouTube using the ‘Premiere’ feature, so there will be a countdown on his YouTube channel for the movie and then the opportunity for you to watch its first play live and chat in comments!

Friday 16 December at 3:30pm SLT (ish) – ‘WAARHEID – The Exhibition’ opening

Huck has put together a large exhibition featuring the bespoke sets used for the movie. This will be running until around the end of January. Once the YouTube premiere has finished, We will be heading over there to open the exhibition, so if you fancy a post-movie chat then come and say hi.

Behind the Scenes: getting instructions from Huck – filming at Drune

Strawberry Singh is not only interviewing us, but she also plays a futuristic doctor in Waarheid! I’ve shown you a pic in a  previous blog of a scene we did together, but you should check out her blogpost about her experience!


Behind the Scenes: Huck hiding while filming in the Crazy Dragona Club

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