Countdown to the big night, and things you won’t see!

After almost 2,5 years of filming Waarheid, tomorrow is the big night : the world premiere, at 1:30 PM SLT in the Film Threat Cinema.  It would be awesome if a large crowd shows up, but if you can’t make it: the YouTube premiere is set for Friday 16 december, at 2PM SLT.

I am not going to lie, I am nervous. And excited! And I can’t wait to hear what people think of the movie! If anything, I have had a great time working with Huck and it will be weird to have …no filming anymore. But it will be good to have more time for other things in Second Life, like exploring, taking pics and blogging!


Preparing for our big night, in my Waarheid outfit

Now, making a movie in Second Life is of course not just filming. It also means a lot of shopping, on the MP and inworld, many evenings were spent in stores around the grid, looking for that special item or animation. And it is amazing what can be found. You name it and somebody made it..really!

Huck trying out some fitness animations

Besides (window) shopping for items, we also travelled a lot looking for places to film. Using Flickr, the destination guide, social media and good ol’ search (lol), we’ve been everywhere! Well, almost everywhere. Often while doing something else, like dancing at a New Years party, and we really needed to check out a new place we both saw mentioned somewhere, and off we went!


Checking out a new place, in tux and gown…
…or Huck in a movie costume and me as myself

After shopping, stuff has to be unpacked and tried out. As Huck told in last week’s Labgab, we filmed a lot on sets he built and used building platforms for testing. So yes, again many evenings were spend sitting on animations, while Huck adjusted it till it was perfect. And we also danced while discussing the how and what, because we could!

Looking at all those pics…it’s been a ride! But a good one. And I hope you love the movie as much as we did making it!



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