Christmas vacation at The Ritz

One of the best things to do in Second Life is going on an SL vacation! Yes, going to a home away from your virtual home.
After a hectic time leading up to the premiere of Waarheid, and not to mention over two years of filming, Huck and I got a wonderful and generous surprise by Vlad Korobase. Vlad is the owner of The Ritz Hotel, where we have filmed a scene in the gorgeous Hitchcock bar, and he treated us to an amazing Christmas vacation at The Ritz, a luxurious resort. Well…how could we say no?!

Checking in!

We got offered a stay in the penthouse apartment, which was decorated with elegant, Parisian-style furnishings and had a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. The apartment had a lounge, bar/gaming room, dining room, bathroom, and two extra bedrooms, all of which were filled with classy furniture and intricate details. 

Relaxing in our lounge…
..and dinner in our own dining room

It was also beautifully decked out for Christmas, for that extra special holiday feeling the last weeks of the year. And, to make the surprise even bigger for us, Vlad decorated one of the rooms with a very special, personal touch for us….read about that in Huck’s blog!

The Ritz also has a large spa & pool (there was a welcome pack waiting upon arrival in the suite: a robe, slippers and towel which came in handy!), horse riding trails (with horses of course), a ballroom and a bar/restaurant.
One of the highlights of our stay was exploring the underground caves, which can be accessed by boat and has its own restaurant. The hotel is easy to navigate with teleports, available in the hallway of the suite and on a keycard that can be worn as a HUD. 

An evening at the spa
The ballroom for ourselves

We had a great time, it was so nice to have a different place to stay for a while, we really felt we were on vacation. So, yes, I recommend The Ritz.

It is not cheap, suites start a 500 LS per night, but it is definitely worth it! Check out their official website for more information!

We’re better at table football than horse riding…

While some areas are for guests only, there is still a lot to explore on a day-trip, so don’t be shy and check the place out! 

And again, Vlad…thank you so, so much!

The Ritz website

Slurl to The Ritz

The Ritz on Facebook

The Ritz Flickr group

Huck’s blogpost about our stay

Au revoir!

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