‘Waarheid, the Exhibition’ open till 31st January!

After the premiere of Waarheid and the release on YouTube (you can watch the movie, for free, here), Huckleberry Hax officially opened WAARHEID the Exhibition. It is cool to see so many people have visited the site already and took pictures!

Stömol´s Apartment-10
‘Stömol´s Apartment-10’- by Grady Echegaray

The exhibition consists of the sets Huck built for the movie, the cave being the actual set on the spot where we filmed. You can also wander around in Verity’s ‘water room’ and spend some time in Stömol’s old appartment, but also Stömols new home (including the computer room!) and the infinite office. All decor, furniture and poses are still there, so why not try them out!

‘Working’ by Almira Jose

We love to see your pictures and Huck made a Flickr group to collect them, so don’t be a stranger and add your photos to the group, if you like!

Selfie at WAARHEID: The Exhibition
‘Selfie’ by Huckleberry Hax

The Exhibition will remain open until 31 January 2023 and we’ve set an hour autoreturn time, so you can rezz your own props for photography if needed.

Happy exploring!

Taxi to WAARHEID the Exhibition

WAARHEID Flickr group

WAARHEID, the movie on YouTube


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