3 regions I keep revisiting!

While there are many regions I have yet to explore, and new ones added weekly, I couldn’t resist revisiting three particular regions that left a lasting impression on me in the past weeks. Different in themes, but all three worth a (re) visit and great for taking pics.

Buddha Garden - Costa Paradiso
Buddha Garden

Buddha Garden, pictured above, is part of the Costa Paradiso regions. As the name suggests, a garden meditate, hang out and explore. Lovely decorated spots all over the place and very photogenic! For this picture I wanted to try and improve tilt-shift shots, and I am happy with how it turned out.

LM to Buddha Garden

Hashima Island

Hashima Island, a post-apocalyptic place filled with abandoned buildings, shops and hotels and nature taking over despite the massive amounts of garbage all over the streets! Put on your sensible shoes and don’t forget to bring your camera, this place has lots to photograph. My picture here is post edited in Lightroom, because I love playing with pictures every now and then!

LM to Hashima Island


Number three is Panjin, the red beach. A recreation of an in red plants covered beach in China and every time I visit it I see something new to me! You can either walk on the decks or jump of and stroll through the red flowers or on the beach.

LM to Panjin

I hope you’ll enjoy these fabulous regions as much as I do: Happy exploring!


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  1. Orca Flotta says:

    The second Battle Royale movie was filmed on location on Hashima Island. It’s the cheapest way to film all sorts of post-apocalyptic flicks. It’s also a favourite destination for alternative tourists to Japan. And I guess it was used as inspiration for many scenes in the Ghost in the Shell anime series.



    Oh, and of course Chris Broad was there as well:

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