Some things…

…never change!

Waterhead Welcome Area, today – 8 september 2011

Well hello there, little....girl?
Oh no, it's not too much bling at all!!

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  1. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

    This ‘thing’ wouldn’t have happened to land there, because the server it was on with kindred crashed for being overcrowded, so she landed at the nearest availiable telehub, would it ?


    1. Assuming you refer to the first pic…lol. Actually I think it was done on purpose, he/she ran around and bumped into people, shortly after landing and hang out there for quite a while. Till TJ Linden arrived, then she vanished for some reason :p.

      1. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

        And as a good ToS-abiding resident you ofc reported her to either TJ or LL themselves, right ? ;P

        Right … :|

        1. No I did not report her. I don’t know if anyone else filed an AR. Maybe someone did, maybe not. Lindens happen to drop by overthere, seen many of them.

          Waterhead is a Mature region these days, so most ppl dont get too upset about a naked avatar – allthough this ‘kid- like’ was a new one to me. Usually it’s the default noob with or without attachement.

          1. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

            I yet wonder though ( mere speculation here ) what would happen if you’d post about this in the SLF.

            How long would the thread stand and when pulled would you be informed of why ?

            Not saying you should, btw.

          2. Oh, I think if I posted it there including the pic…I would upset some LWL, a nasty pedo-whatnot-discussion would follow and it would get pulled before my midnight, without informing me.

  2. Heh, yeah. I was online briefly after my hiatus….and decided to chill out in the neighbourhood I grew up…Always fun!

  3. bee says:

    LOL! love your noob posts, read them all 8)
    please post more! \o/

  4. OMG!!! That is soo wrong o.O

  5. Ima Rang says:

    Wow….ewww. She has really big feet.

  6. LOL!
    @Bee: Thanks and yeah, I will have to do this more often, I almost forgot how much fun a welcome area is :)

    @Argus, you were also shocked about the bling eh? I was surprised that chain still exists!

    @Ima, omg yes..and have you seen the big hands too!?

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