Some things…

…never change!

Waterhead Welcome Area, today – 8 september 2011

Well hello there, little....girl?

Oh no, it's not too much bling at all!!


11 thoughts on “Some things…

  1. This ‘thing’ wouldn’t have happened to land there, because the server it was on with kindred crashed for being overcrowded, so she landed at the nearest availiable telehub, would it ?


    1. Assuming you refer to the first pic…lol. Actually I think it was done on purpose, he/she ran around and bumped into people, shortly after landing and hang out there for quite a while. Till TJ Linden arrived, then she vanished for some reason :p.

        1. No I did not report her. I don’t know if anyone else filed an AR. Maybe someone did, maybe not. Lindens happen to drop by overthere, seen many of them.

          Waterhead is a Mature region these days, so most ppl dont get too upset about a naked avatar – allthough this ‘kid- like’ was a new one to me. Usually it’s the default noob with or without attachement.

          1. I yet wonder though ( mere speculation here ) what would happen if you’d post about this in the SLF.

            How long would the thread stand and when pulled would you be informed of why ?

            Not saying you should, btw.

          2. Oh, I think if I posted it there including the pic…I would upset some LWL, a nasty pedo-whatnot-discussion would follow and it would get pulled before my midnight, without informing me.

  2. LOL!
    @Bee: Thanks and yeah, I will have to do this more often, I almost forgot how much fun a welcome area is :)

    @Argus, you were also shocked about the bling eh? I was surprised that chain still exists!

    @Ima, omg yes..and have you seen the big hands too!?

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