Bad Shoes & Faux Suede

Oh my….what is it with newbs and their struggle with shoes and feet? I spent only one hour in Waterhead Welcome Area on my Sunday afternoon and all I saw was people with sore feet, shoes from a decade ago – but not quite vintage – and missing footshapes…

After looking at these painful feet I really needed something pretty to recover! So I hopped over to the new mainstore of JustB and got myself a lovely Faux Suede Jacket, in coal! Aaah….I feel better already!

* Dress: Ciao Baby – by Tres Blah
* Tights: Favorite Wool Tights in Orange 2 – by Mon Tissu
* Pose: Glitterati

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  1. Venus says:

    Deleting shoe bases seems a fairly common mistake. People think the little brown ‘shoe’ is supposed to BE the shoe and so when they wear it and it is not what is expected, they bin it. Sometimes it is just a matter of rebaking. We all go through this n00b process of trying things, making mistakes and laughing at ourselves. The important bit is the laughter.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I think I have struggled with shoes myself. I found it all very confusing. And don’t get me starting about systemhair and the hairbase-ordeal! Whoa!


      (and, don’t tell anyone, but besides making pics – first thing -, I always offer help and advice to the poor things in Welcome Area’s or elsewhere. It’s not that I only take pics and then poof away!)


      Oh neat, I am commenting as an anonymous on my own website…Gah!

  2. Heh, there is always a need for pretty things!

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