Basilique Weekly News – No. 12: Ready to leap!

Canary Beck

The latest round-up of news coming from Basilique and the Basilique Performing Arts Company.

Top Stories:

  • Press Preview Saturday, March 29th at Noon SLT!
  • Top Tips for Enjoying Paradise Lost
  • Behind the Scenes of Paradise Lost
  • Bloggers get to Blogging
  • Sponsorship places still available
  • Only 5 tickets left for April 6th performance.

Wearing the Audience Avatar, and only the Audience Avatar

Press Preview is Saturday at Noon SLT

We’ve been rehearsing all week for the Press Preview. Every time we rehearse, Harvey and I find yet something else we want to fix. While I’d say we’re 98% there, I’m struggling to balance my near-obsessive perfectionism with relaxing and letting things be. The best thing to do, I’ve decided, is to do our best and take the leap. We’ll take all feedback, and use the following week to either fix every issue, or cut it from the score. It’s time to get ruthless. Ticket Holder_001

Top tips for enjoying Paradise Lost

To my knowledge,

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