Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost – Trailer Trouble

‘It has been some weeks since my last visit to the studio’s of Paradise Lost, but yesterday I got an IM from Becky and Harvey inviting me over for a “Meet & Greet” with the actors who play God and Satan, during one of their breaks (or as Harvey sighed ‘one of their MANY, MANY breaks..’).
I was so excited I stopped uploading pictures, detached my bath-tub from my fore-arm (don’t ask..) and TP’d over to the studio! ‘

Read my full Behind the Scenes report here:

Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost – Trailer Trouble.


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  1. OK, seriously. Telling me not to ask.. I have to ask.. Whats with the bathtub? O.o

    1. Well, since you asked…I was changing outfits, in the bathroom, and while I was adjusting a necklace I suddenly wore the bath-tub. This happens to me a lot. It is why, while I have a house….often go to a sandbox to change clothes – a few weeks back I took back the entire skyhome, instead of a bag I had unpacked…. So there, now you know…

      1. oh lawdy mercy O.O *too scared to blink* <3

        *tries not to embarrass her friend by laughing*

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