Guy Fawkes Day

Nope. I am not English, but Dutch. However, I am in the UK a lot and have some close  friends from that funny island as well, therefore I do know about Guy Fawkes Day (and I know he once fought against the Dutch with the Spanish..tsk!)
On the 5th of November it’s Guy Fawkes Day, to celebrate he did an attempt to blow up the Parliament in 1605.

Having a bit of a slow morning, I took the time to find out if there is anything happening in Second Life to celebrate this day for the UK-residents.
And yeah! In London Hyde Park & Community Hub, London England UK, a help & welcome center. Tonight at 2 PM SLT there will be fireworks next to the Big Ben in Hyde Park.




(I have been to London a couple of times for work and once was given a wonderful tour by a friend, but to be honest I saw so much and now I am a bit confused and cannot tell if this sim is a 100 % correct version of!)


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