Oh no! Busted!


Uh oh....


There is a first time for everything, so they say…And today I got my very first email from the Intellectual Property Team:

Hi Caitlin Tobias,

We are writing to let you know that we removed some content you had in Second Life under our Intellectual Property Policy. For a list of the specific content we removed, please see the “IP Complaint Details” below at the bottom of this email.

When we receive an intellectual property complaint, we investigate it and look for copies of the content identified in the complaint. Our investigation found that you had some of this content. We replaced the content with generic placeholder item(s), as described in our FAQs on our Intellectual Property Complaint Process.

If you weren’t aware of an intellectual property issue, don’t panic or take it personally! Just take steps to avoid content that may have intellectual property issues. Here are some tips to protect yourself and keep your inworld shopping safe and fun.

Many thanks for your interest in Second Life.

— The IP Team at Linden Lab


Content Removed:

  • Item: Animation named “danish” Location: Inventory of Caitlin Tobias

*If animations were removed, the replacement animation may be in your HUD or animation overrider


I have NO idea what the animation was, probably something I got ages ago. Whatever, I don’t miss it. It’s a good thing, in my opinion, that LL does its best to protect creators!


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  1. Danish is a dance from SINE that was part of a bunch of full perms dances stolen from Easy Babcock and crew. They were even sold on Xstreet and made Top Seller while all of we Xstreet Merchants were howling “foul”.. I am sure many folks all over the grid are still having these dances replace by maybe The Chicken Dance” ;-)

    1. Thanks Argus, I had no idea it was a SINE dance they found. It’s good they can find and remove stolen items, and this one..I really don’t know, think it was given to me at some point. Will go look what they replaced it with, hehe!

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