Last night I went on a serious dress-hunt. I was supposed to go out dancing, and thought it would be nice to wear something new and if possible stunning! So with a lot of help from the ladies I got a load of Landmarks, as I wanted to get something from a shop I had never been before (most of my dresses are from Azul or LeeZu and worn before).

I found THE dress for the occasion in VoguE’s mainstore, with thanks to Daria for the tip! After checking out all the other shops I went back to VoguE and got myself the Tiffany – Scarlet:

"Tiffany - Scarlet" by VoguE

Then, due to all kinds of misunderstandings and miscommunication, the dancing was called off. That was greatly disappointing and even got me upset, it went too fast and left me confused.

So I put my dress back in inventory, put on my boots and jeans and decided to go explore some sims to spend my Friday night, promising myself to stay out of dance-clubs and everything else that has to do with men.

Till Pep IM’d me and invited me for a dance …, I guess he felt sorry for me, haha! Anyway, I popped back in my red dress (gotta love the outfits in V2!) and had a lovely evening after all :).

Dancing with Pep

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  1. Seicher Rae says:

    Sheez, leave your blog for a few minutes and there are 37 new posts!

    Glad you got to wear your dress and dance. You looks stunning btw, good choice. He does his best to discourage people from finding out but Pep is a nice guy, a gentleman and sometimes even a white knight ready to aid damsels in distress—such as when we are all dressed up and suddenly with no where to go.

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