Meanwhile, in the real world..

Cait’s operator is on a rl- business trip, so Cait won’t be in world as much as she is used too!

Berlin this time, where it is freezing cold and apparently Christmas already arrived in this city :). My hotel is on the famous Kurfurstendamm, but unfortunately all shops are closed on Sundays :(.  I did visit a real typical German Christmas market, set up with all those fake wooden cabins and ‘ snow’. Lots of Bratwurst and Gluhwein! The chilly wind froze my ears off so I bought a knitted hat..yeah, lame but it’s COLD! Treated myself on some roasted chestnuts and looked at all the kitsch and rubbish they sell..ew!

Tuesday afternoonI may have some time to go see the Brandenburgertor and Alexanderplatz (and shop in KaDeWe).

My hotel is very modern and super-de-luxe. Well, compared to my usual hotel in the UK…I have a room where an avarage small family could live in, bathroom the size of my office (oh God, I so love those huuuuuuge fluffy towels…mmmmmm)  and a bed with 9! pillows, made for at least 5 people AND I can still walk around it without bumping the walls!
(It’s not as overdone as the suite I had in Dubai, where I had 2 bathrooms, a livingroom, 2 bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen and washing machine, but then again…Berlin is not exactly Dubai, is it?).

The view is less exciting: Subway Sandwiches…Haha! Never mind the view! Internet seems okay, will try to get in world in a bit, after a long hot bath and room service!

(meh, ‘After the Deadline’ does not work on my Mac, so I have to rely on my own writing)




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  1. Seicher Rae says:

    Totally, massively jealous and envious of your business trip! Have a lovely time. Trying to figure out if I want you to eat some yummy spaetzle for me or drink some great beer…can you do both?

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