Art Maze 2011

As my Sunday was typical: lazy, nothing special to do, coffee, peanutbutter-sandwiches and raining all day… I travelled to the Zindra Continent (Adult) to visit the Art Maze 2011 on Distrel.  A colorful (lots of pink, yay!) art-exhibition, build as a maze.

You can pick up some free shirts and coffee mugs, of course I choose a pink top, which has the text: ‘Censorship Sucks’ on the front. Oh well, I guess it does :).

The tunnels of the maze can be quite narrow at some points, and it made me switch to mouselook for a couple of meters to navigate better. There is lots to see and enjoy, I made some pics of course, but to really experience it, a visit is better! Lovely to find Bryn Oh’s work in one tunnel!
It is meant to be interactive, on arrival you will receive a notecard with instructions, I must admit I did not bother to go through all that, but it may be fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afraid of too much nudity? I have not seen much, maybe three or four explicit images, but nothing shocking as far as I am concerned.



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