AMM Design

Friday night, not much going time for a little shopping annex exploring trip!

I went to AMM Design, an Asian themed sim, with a huge castle and colorful gardens. In the Castle (an impressive building!) are several shops with a large variety of goods: shoes, clothing, plants, buildings, tattoos, landscaping-items and so on. The only thing that slightly annoyed me was the avalanche of LM’s and group-invites, I got upon arrival. So when you go there, be ready to click away loads of pop-ups!

I took a quick look in the shops, it looked okay but nothing of my liking, so I walked outside and explored the garden.

Lovely! I took the time to adjust the sky-settings and went into Ultrahigh Graphics to have a good view of the Castle and surroundings. It was pretty amazing!

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  1. Tem Haalan says:

    A tip for all those wannabe Samurai (like me). AMM design sell one of the nicest male Hakama’s out there! Nice post because I’ve never visited the gardens of the sim and I will now. Thanks Caitlin!

    1. Thanks Tem :). Hakama eh..You are right though, they are pretty good, but they never fit my avatar..LOL.

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