Windlight settings

I almost forgot…but last weekend (where did the week AND another weekend go?) I downloaded and installed the extra windlightsettings in my  Viewer 2.6, giving me some more options to play with when taking photo’s in world!

(one may have noticed those already on the latest photo’s, it is not all Photoshop what you see! Although I indeed use PS to improve the images – I usually stick to cropping, sharpening/blurring to smooth the edges of avatar mesh and maybe fiddle a bit with lights!)

Anyway, last weekend. I used a sky from Torley (oops, I forgot the name!) when taking this picture of a late night dance in the Garden of Dreams, I think it worked out well!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I so enjoy your blog. Especially now that I am no longer trying to compete with you (kidding kidding). :-) Learning to take better SL photos has been on my To Do list for quite a while. I do mess with Windlights and didn’t know there were extras to download. I don’t keep up on the geek stuff like I should. (Another on the To Do list.)

    Speaking of geek stuff. I so don’t get the appeal of Twitter. I’ve clicked to some via your site and, well, it just seems… OK, I’ll leave it at “I don’t get the appeal of it.” (I was veering off into words like “inane” but thought better of it…)

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