So, I was posing in a studio – trying to get a nice, serious photo of myself with my new lipstick and blush! For some reason I got infected with the good old ‘cross-eyed’ bug, something I have not seen in ages..

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  1. Seicher Rae says:

    Wah hahahahaha! I’ve not had this bug but I’ve had the one where I’m folded in two, feet up in the air & head coming out of my ass. :::I’ll pause here for the appropriate snide comments :-) ::: These glitch photos can be some of the best.

    1. Hehe, cool eh? Yeah, the folded avatar is a nasty one too, I know it all too well! Too bad I have no pics :). The best ones often happen when you think you look great, but others see you stuck in an animation of sorts. I, for one, am known in our dojo for running around with my right arm straight forward in the air (erm…..) while I don’t see it. Happens after building I think…LOL.

      1. Seicher Rae says:

        Ooooh, yes. The extended arm trick. Had that one. Haven’t had the hair stuck on knee one or the can’t wear clothes one. Several male avi’s I know have within the last few months been Ruthed (been made into ugly, short female-ish with boobs men)! Sadly, most of my embarrassing moments have been the result of me not paying attention in combo with a slow computer.

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