Platinum Hunt – My First Day

This weekend I started the Platinum Hunt, using the SLURL’s on the official website from CHIC Management, where you now also can find subtle clues!

It is not always easy to spot the little blue box, but once I found my first one (to be honest, with lots of help from a friend!)…the others seemed easier!

Of course I rushed home after my first session to unpack the goodies and try them on, am happy and all is definately worth the hunting and the lousy 10LS per box!

Lovely earrings from {Zaara}
Dress from Magoa and pose (incl wall) from Geez
Bodysuit in Pink from Snatch (incl stockings)

The bodysuit from Snatch comes in 3 colors, including a pair of stockings and a skirt (not on pics)!

Bodysuits Snatch in Blue and Yellow as well

I am happy for now, I got some more to show off….so stay tuned!

Happy hunting!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pep says:

    Oooooh! A wall!!!

  2. Now, Pep…easy, don’t get all excited over a wall!

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