Diamonds & Pearls

Totally missed my own 4th Rezz-day last week! I accidentally noticed it when fiddling in my profile, well this says how important I find it eh? I am the same about my RL Birthday, although I am capable of remembering that date!

Being not a party-girl at all – I simply  ‘celebrated’ my aging alone and treated myself on some diamonds and pearls and new lingerie. Always good! On to the 5th, cheers!

.....and Pearls!

* Poses including Diamonds and Pearls by Glitterati
* Lingerie: Oh Lala Lacey Pink – by Nylon Outfitters


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  1. Wilhiam Hydraconis says:

    Welgefeliciflapstaat, Oudjuh !! :P :)

  2. Venus says:

    Lovely poses and lingerie, Cait!, and look at you blonde again! YAY!

    Happy belated Rez Day! I will hit my 5th in another 6 months (gah!).

  3. Nice!! Expect something from the SLM that invokes Pearls;-)

    1. Oooh! I saw a mail from SLM…..will go login and look! Thanks :)))

  4. bee baroque says:

    hehe, hey, we have the same rez date! LOL i never noticed. i almost forgot mine as well :D

    happy late rez day, cait! \o/


    1. w00t bee, Happy belated rezzday to you too then! Cheers!

  5. Ratt says:

    Gosh, I’m terrible… Will catch it next year, maybe? This is a brilliant blog Cait. I don’t need to go anywhere and can just explore SL via your well written and beautifully made blog. Thank you for all this effort for all these people.

    1. heh Ratt, thanks – glad you like it :))

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