Diamonds & Pearls

Totally missed my own 4th Rezz-day last week! I accidentally noticed it when fiddling in my profile, well this says how important I find it eh? I am the same about my RL Birthday, although I am capable of remembering that date!

Being not a party-girl at all – I simply  ‘celebrated’ my aging alone and treated myself on some diamonds and pearls and new lingerie. Always good! On to the 5th, cheers!


.....and Pearls!

* Poses including Diamonds and Pearls by Glitterati
* Lingerie: Oh Lala Lacey Pink – by Nylon Outfitters


9 thoughts on “Diamonds & Pearls

  1. Lovely poses and lingerie, Cait!, and look at you blonde again! YAY!

    Happy belated Rez Day! I will hit my 5th in another 6 months (gah!).

  2. hehe, hey, we have the same rez date! LOL i never noticed. i almost forgot mine as well :D

    happy late rez day, cait! \o/


  3. Gosh, I’m terrible… Will catch it next year, maybe? This is a brilliant blog Cait. I don’t need to go anywhere and can just explore SL via your well written and beautifully made blog. Thank you for all this effort for all these people.

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