After a night of sparring with Ratt (and many deaths for me…) I took a break and half an hour to unpack some of the goodies I collected in the Platinum Hunt that still sat in my inventory waiting for me!

I think I am done with the hunt now, as I went to all the shops I wanted. I am maybe a bit picky, but I find it pointless to do all 102, when I only like the stuff in 45 shops.

Will probably blog some more outfits I gathered in the coming days, for now I will show off the outfit from Indi (which comes with a black and a white top, tucked or untucked!) and hair from Plume (in 4 colours and with a flower that has a colourmenu – the hairbase I already had in my possession and is needed, unless you like a bald head!)

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  1. Venus says:

    I am totally diggin that look on you, Cait! I sometimes get Plume and Ploom confused. I think Ploom is the funkier hair maker of the two.

  2. Hiya Venus, thanks :) It’s quite a different look eh?
    Plume and Ploom yeah…I think Ploom also has clothing? Plume is more hair like on this pic, very dramatic styles and not your average coiffure ;)

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