Gretchen and Teddy

Gretchen and Teddy is another masterpiece by Bryn Oh. I admire his work and everytime I see a new art installation by Bryn I am simply amazed. The atmosphere, the textures..and in this case the combination of poetry and prims.

This is the story of Gretchen and Teddy, and I recommend to go see it and enjoy!

Gretchen and Teddy

Not to spoil it, but the poem and the story of Gretchen and Teddy is only available on a machinima on youtube, which you can watch by clicking on poor little Gretchen. It is not needed per se to do this when you are there, but it definately adds something special.

A wonderful machinima, worth watching even when you are not inworld – and no, this is not at all a spoiler –  safe to watch before you go:



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