Dream on….

When logging  in on Sunday morning, I got a notice from Azul about new releases and the free gift. Yay!

I hopped over to their (recently redecorated) main store to check it out, being a fan of Azul’s gowns for ages.
One of the new releases caught my eye immediately, the Isabella…what a gorgeous gown! I stood there and checked out the colours and then..surprise: I did not buy it.
Sigh. It was not the price (LS 750) but suddenly I realised this would be another wonderful gown, that would probably look stunning on a pic , but  I would never wear, since I never go out to dance anyway.
I have tried it, to find a ‘dance-date’, I am even a member of Frank’s Elite, as this is one of the ‘better’ places and I love the music they play. I just gave up on going there by myself and standing there as some silly wallflower, watching others having fun.

So. No. No new ball gown for Caity, but a pic of the display to show you this beautiful dress, which I secretly put on my wish list for ‘just in case’….’and you never know’…

The free group gift of the month was out too! And a very nice cocktail dress it is, I took it home to try and think I will wear it for a while!

Shoes are from Maitreya, hair from D!va, my house and furniture are from {what next}.

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