Vintage Fair 2011 – I made it!!

A coupe of days ago I finally made it to the Vintage Fair 2011, which has been impossible since the opening due to overcrowded sims and lag! Now the first week has passed, things are slightly better – so I could walk around and shop! Four sims with vintage clothing, furniture and accessories – shoppingheaven!

Vanity Hair @ Vintage Fair 2011

I managed to behave myself, but will surely go back to explore the rest and snoop around! I just could not resist a very sexy cigarette in holder (it comes with 4 poses and separate at La Petite Morte – what’s in a name….

…and a sweet blue dress from Sn@tch, where I also got the jewelry set that I am wearing on the pic, it is their Vintage Fair free gift!

Dress and jewelry from Sn@tch


Black and white photo:
* Cigaretteholder + pose: La Petite Morte
* Hair: Shag Hair – He loves me Knot (Platinum)
* Top: Leezu
* Location: UWA Wasp Land – RazorS Walkthrough Forest

Colour photo’s:
* Dress, necklace and earrings: Sn@tch
* Hair: Shag Hair – Thai me Up

Website with all information on the Vintage Fair 2011: click here.


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