Classy mesh by Celoe

Last night, after some crazy fights with Pilar, I felt the need to shop for some nice things. Like a new outfit or something. I was inspired by two fashionbloggers who’s pics and tips are always just my taste (Gogolita & Grazia), and on their blogs I found the LM to a new designer in SL: Celoe. Celoe has lots of mesh and has a temporary store together with Mon Tissu (also a designer I really like a lot).

I treated myself on a sweater, pants (mesh) and a cool shoulderbag(mesh), all from Celoe. I really love the textures and the way it wears, it almost feels as comfy as it looks! Not cheap though, but I found it well worth the Linden Dollars.

The pants and the bag, since they are both mesh, come in several sizes. I am wearing the XS pants and M-bag.
It was quite busy and laggy in the store, so I did not rezz enough to see if they have demo’s….I took the chance by buying as I saw it on the poster…turned out ok!

Poses: Geez (1st pic) and Adorkable (2nd pic)


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