The Art of Unpacking

When I was ‘born’ in 2007, shopping was quite an adventure and unpacking the goodies even more! Most purchases came in a box or a poster (some really huge) and you had to go to a sandbox – if one did not have land – when the shop did not allow rezzing, to unpack your goodies.

Nowadays lots of designers of all kinds of product deliver your goods in a bag or a box, lovely wrapped and textured and often including a cool pose/animation. No need to rush home or sandbox: simply wear the object and either click it to receive the content or in some case it will be dropped in your inventory the moment you wear it.
I like this a lot and can really enjoy the moment of unpacking…Yet, I still get surprised by huge boxes or posters nonetheless, so yeah…I am, even after more than 4 years, the occasional boxhead!

I was going through my inventory, in a lame attempt to clean it up, and decided to show my favourite packages!

Oops...Awkward and disappointing...

I love this package from *BOOM* !

D!va hair, makes you feel like a shopping-diva!

Look! I got new lashes from Lelutka!

Mood Jewelry, brings you in the mood!

I am sure there are many more cool packages, I want to say to the creators: thanks for enhancing my shopping experience!


2 thoughts on “The Art of Unpacking

  1. Caity, all you need is your trusty katana to slice that first box off your avatar. Just do not accidentally slice off your arm! Fun post.

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